14 Cute Cat Breeds That Will Make Anyone Smile

All cat are created equal and cuteness is subjective. but there’s no denying that some cute cats . breeds are universally considered adorable. (and no. we’re not just talking about kittens).

Perhaps you’re only into the fluffiest of felines. Perhaps you’re a sucker for cats with Big Blue eyes.

Everyone has their own opinion about what makes. for an utterly adorable feline. but regardless of what you’re keen on during a cats.

these cute cat breeds are bound to make almost anyone melt into a cheerful puddle.


You’ve probably heard of Maine Coons, Persians, and American Bobtails, but how about Toygers, Ragdolls, or LaPerms?

Natural breeds. aren’t the sole cats worth adopting. and a few of the cutest cats. out there have pretty fascinating origin stories.

With cats that are fluffy. curly-haired. striped. and spotted. we’ve rounded up 14 of the cutest cats breeds. and that we hope you’re able to squeal with joy.