The Fastest Dog within the World,and 11 Breeds That Have the necessity for Speed

If you are looking for a pup that’s down for chilling and cuddling, then there are many dog breeds that will fit your needs.

However, if you would like a dog that will continue with you while you’re hiking. biking, and running, then you almost certainly want to welcome those 11 fast dog breeds into your family.

In 2014, a dog named Shakey Jakey. made headlines when he won a dog race in Australia with a 22-length lead. Jakey’s accomplishment wasn’t much of a surprise, though, considering he’s a Greyhound. the fastest dog breed within the world.

But Greyhounds aren’t the sole speedy pups out there.

From dogs bred for hunting to dogs bred for racing. many canines can make a game of fetch appear as if a breeze. For dogs that are fleet of feet. look no further than these 11 lightning-fast breeds.