8 Tips To Help Your New Puppy Adjust

If you’re the proud owner of a newly adopted puppy, then you would like to try to do everything in your power to assist your pet transition well.

It is often hard for a puppy, however, to regulate to a replacement home and a replacement family.
For help thereupon new sense of belonging, inspect the subsequent list of to-dos.

1-Watch What They Eat

New Puppy eat
New Puppy eat

Your puppy has just moved into a replacement home, and he could be stressed.

He’s in unfamiliar surroundings, being cared for by strangers, and he’s been separated from his mom for the primary time

While he’s so stressed, your puppy might lose his appetite. Watch what he’s eating, and confirm he gets enough food. ask your vet about coaxing his appetite if you would like to.