You’re Wrong About These Foods Being Bad For You

We’re constantly being told what we shouldn’t eat. That we have an excessive amount of something in our diet, that our favorite snacks are ‘bad for us, that we’re not “eating right” Foods .

But what if a number of those rules – about the stereotypical ‘bad snacks’ – were food myths? Perhaps there are some legitimate health reasons to toss certain items back in your cart.

Here are a couple of ‘bad foods’ which may just be misunderstood…



Now, like all the items on this list (and in life), moderation is vital.

Sticking to your limits and ensuring you’re not drinking such a lot your judgment is impaired is, obviously, essential.

However, the odd beer here or there might be a touch bit good for you. That’s because silicon, which is present in certain beers and may contribute to strong and healthy bones.

Hops are known to fight against inflammation because of bitter acids, while beer’s low ethanol count triggers gastric acid which successively aids with digestion.
So maybe that cold beer on a hot day isn’t that bad of an idea; you would possibly actually be doing all of your insides some good.