11 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”!!


11-Going crazy once you come back!

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Does your dog freak out when it sees you come after a piece day? this is often one among the foremost vivid signs of affection and affection. Experiments have shown that the reunion with their beloved human has a particularly positive effect on dogs increasing their level of oxytocin, the social hormone, and lowering the extent of cortisol, the strain hormone. So, seeing their owner finally come makes the dog feel happy and safe.
In this article, we’ve told you about the foremost common ways during which dogs demonstrate their love, but dogs, like humans, are very different. Take a better check out your pet’s behavior and perhaps you’ll spot the unique way that your dog says “I love you!”


Which of the points surprised you the most? does one have pets? They show you their love in any way of their own?